[VIDEO] Starting Chinese From Zero - Breaking Down A New Language And Where To Start



Welcome back to another post,

This week I wanted to share the very beginnings of tackling a language. This was my process for the first 7 days of learning Mandarin.  When you are just beginning a new language the whole thing seems almost impossible and overwhelming.  I like to break up the language into areas I can focus on which give me more direction and allows me to make progress rather than grabbing at any new bit of information, cause let's be real aaallllll of its new in the beginning.

I've left some apps and resources in the description for the video so if you are currently studying Mandarin then hopefully you can use these too! Let me know your favourite Mandarin learning resources it's still early days so I'm busy collecting TV shows, vloggers, simple books, apps etc. to add to my list of ever growing Mandarin resources.

In this video I talk about my process to break down a language that you can hopefully apply to learning any language and get you learning faster and making some goal orientated progress in the language you've always wanted to speak.

Casey <3


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