[VIDEO] Things better said in Dutch.

I've had it a few times now, where I have to stop myself from interjecting a Dutch word in the middle of my sentence, but sometimes the Dutch word is just the perfect fit for the moment. This is my list of words that I wish we could use in English to describe those moments are things just a little better. If you can think of any words that describe a moment like only a Dutch word can then let me know in the comments below :) Hope you enjoy the video

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  • rob on

    Be aware of the dialects! They can even be different between villages. Learning Dutch is difficult. But going learning dialects mess things up! For example: Below the rivers they speak with a soft G (Brabant and Limburg (except Zeeland, and includes Nijmegen, Arnhem) However in Brabant/Limburg dialect: ik ben aangereden means I arrived. In normal Dutch means: ik ben aangereden: I am hit by a car!

    About: lekker bezig: my friends use it in a sarcastic way most of the time if you did something in a completely difficult failed stupid way!

    About uitwaaien there is also uitbuiken (doing nothing after dinner to let the heavy load rest in your stomach)
    Eet smakelijk: before dinner, goede bekomst, ( moge het eten goed bekomen→ old Dutch) May the dinner have a good digestion.

    Spannend = thrilled is the same I think?

    Een ogenblik geduld alstublieft/alsjeblieft = ogenblik means litterly => blink of an eye. However this means: just a moment, please. In this context.
    Alsjeblieft= please for normal people; people you know, or are same age etc.
    Alstublieft: older people, people with outhority, people you don’t know.

    Same with: goeie morgen/ Goede(n) morgen Goeie(n) middag/goede(n) middag, goeie(n) avond/goede(n)vond.
    You pronounce the N more if; it is sarcastic (so someone enters the room or passes by without greeting you)
    But you also pronounce the N (but not with pressure!) If you highly respect someone (older people you look up to etc.)

    But good luck with your dialects! ;)

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