[VIDEO] Improve Your Pronunciation And Listening Skills With These Simple Tips


Ever wondered how to get fluent in a language quickly and improve your listening skills in Dutch. With these simple language learning tips I tell you how to get better at listening Dutch and how to improve your fluency. Struggling to understand Native dutch speakers?

I tell you in this video how I practiced my listening skills and improved my study techniques to help me understand native speakers quickly. I have learnt to speak dutch purely by myself and have now been speaking the language daily for over 2 years. Learning a second language has been one of the best things I've ever done, but even if your partner isn't from another land you can still become bi- or tri- lingual or even a polyglot some day.

Improving your listening skills is a suer way to improve your accent if you are better at hearing the languages and recognising its different sounds than you are more likely to be able to produce those sounds accurately.

Hope you enjoy the video and learn some new ones to incorporate listening into a part of your language study.


Casey <3

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